Our History


Zeynep Kamil Hospital, which was built by Yusuf Kamil Pasha and his wife Miss. Zeynep to provide free services to patients in their private property, is the oldest healthcare institution that has been able to maintain the healthcare service of Üsküdar. Another feature is that the Hospital is first private charity institution of Istanbul.

Miss. Zeynep is the daughter of Mehmet Ali Pasha, Governor of Egypt, Kavala. In 1862, the land with a farmland in the Nuh Kuyusu district was purchased for hospital construction. The emblem marks the date of establishment of the Zeynep-Kamil hospital as 1862. Yusuf Kamil Pasha was appointed grand vizier by Sultan Abdülaziz in 1863. According to the original plan on the hospital front, the inscription above the entrance contains the words fihişifaun li'n nas, namely, "There is health for the people in it" (verse 69-an-Nahl). Miss. Zeynep and Kamil Pasha were buried in the tomb built in the hospital garden after their deaths.

Zeynep Kamil Hospital was used as a private surgery clinic by Doctor Cemil Topuzlu Pasha in 1896. During the Cemil Topuzlu Pasha period, the hospital was modernized with renovations, medical equipment was renewed, a heating system was installed, and Austrian nurses were assigned to care for patients. Until Cemil Pasha went abroad in 1915, all surgical surgeries, as well as cesarean surgeries, were carried out. After this date, the hospital has been named with different names and has provided services in different branches depending on different institutions. The hospital, which was transferred to Istanbul Municipality in 1933, was converted into a maternity hospital in 1935 and Dr. Eyüp Sabri Aksoy was appointed as surgeon general (1891 - 1962). During the 17-years, Dr. Eyüp Sabri Aksoy restored the hospital as a maternity hospital.

Development period of Zeynep Kamil Hospital started with Doctor Fahri Atabey. Immediately after Fahri Atabey was appointed as surgeon general in 1952, the construction of the operating room building, the 150-bed gynecological clinic and the 200-bed children's clinic began. Ziyaeddin Akbay who was founder of the Children's Clinic started to work in the same period. Both buildings were completed in 1958 and opened for use. In 1961, Zeynep Kamil Nursing College building was opened for use.

After Fahri Atabey was elected Mayor of Istanbul in 1968 and he left the hospital. Burhanettin Üstünel was appointed as surgeon general and served until 1986. In this period, the building where the delivery room was located and the Child Infection and Orthopedics building designed as a polio hospital. The management and operation of Zeynep Kamil Hospital was transferred to the Ministry of Health by Istanbul Municipality with an agreement signed in 1982. Today, The Ministry of Health Zeynep Kamil hospital continues to serve as a private branch training hospital under the name of Women's and Children's diseases.

In addition to the medical service provided in the branches, specialist training is given in the fields of obstetrics, pediatric and pediatric surgery, and many certified post-vocational trainings are also carried out successfully.